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Phantom's Universe Folder Getting Closer

It was September last year that Frew announced the release of their Phantom's Universe cards, the little bonus that is being sent to subscribers of Frew's special quarterly releases: Kid Phantom, Giantsize Phantom and Phantom's World.

At the time, publisher Dudley Hogarth promised that Frew would "be bringing out a collector's folder with sleeves to accommodate the cards in the future."

Well it seems that future is getting closer!

In a reply to a Facebook plea from a desperate phan, Glenn Ford teased us all with an image of the final product:

The image splashed across the cover of the folder is another beautiful creation from Jeremy Macpherson, who has produced a number of covers for Frew comics over the last few years. He is also responsible for the stunning cover of Frew's first ever TPB For Those Who Came In Late, as well as the picture gracing the Frew Phile Cards folder.

We can certainly see why Jeremy has become a go-to guy for Frew's special projects - as Glenn says, he is "knocking it out of the park lately."

Despite the excitement of the image being released, there has still not been any availability date given for the folder, with Glenn telling ChronicleChamber, "Soon is all I can say. It's created and ready to print... there's just no immediate rush to do it yet."

Wild speculation on our part has us wondering if the folder will be one of the special products Frew times for release at the Frew Booth at Sydney Supanova in June...

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