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Jamie Johnson Launches Phantom Art Website

Up-and-coming Phantom artist Jamie Johnson has taken the next step in becoming a household name among Phantom phans.

With increasingly regular gigs as a Frew cover artist through 2016 and 2017, and the news of a full length story he is drawing for Frew to be published mid-2018, Jamie really is rising to prominence in the Australian Phantom phan community. He has become known for his wraparound covers (the stunning 22nd Phantom triptych/trilogy, anyone?) and it's safe to say we will be seeing more of these in 2018.

And now he has launched a new website devoted to selling his artwork.

Jamie has produced some wonderful Wonder Woman, Judge Dredd and Batman pieces, all of which is also showcased on the site, but there's no doubt that the largest portion of the site right now is devoted to The Phantom.

Phantom items for sale include his renowned Frew sketch covers, layout work, concept art, preliminary covers and inkings. Jamie is also offering signed, remarked copies of his published Phantom comics (Frew and Hermes Press), as well as Pholio prints and other A3 prints of his work.

Of course, Jamie is also accepting commission work through the site, whether on the Frew sketch covers or independently of those.

With prices on the site ranging from $15 - $250, there really is something for every budget.

Tellingly, many of the very impressive pieces have already sold in the short time the website has been live.

Perhaps the only item missing form the site is that famous 22nd Phantom triptych poster and associated artwork. However, with the 100 copies that were published SOLD OUT on Frew's website and the original art already snapped up by a grateful collector, it seems the rest of us missed the boat on that one.

With the prospect of original art from his upcoming Frew story and a virtual guarantee that Frew covers will be coming through 2018 and beyond, this is a website you are going to want to bookmark and check regularly.

Don't regret missing out on the next big thing - click on this link to check out Jamie's website today!!

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