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Originalteckningar (Original drawings) Exhibition has been a HUGE SUCCESS!!

No doubt you have seen the photos, videos and news coming from Sinisha Bozunovic and his team and I think it is obvious to lay claim this was and is a great success. Since our first post here, there have been a few additions and other important things to note so let us list those and then we can have fun looking through the photos.

  • Sinisha has hired a shop at the local mall and turned it into a Phantom paradise with 11 Henrik Salhstrom covers & one Sal Velluto printed in 70cm x 100cm sizes posted in the windows. Inside features many other prints

  • The local bakery has made Skull Ring cakes/ pastries.

  • The gallery of original art has now reached over 200 examples

  • Selling the Ulf Grandberg books on Phantom artist Rolf Gohs.

  • A local pub has released their Phantom beer.

Now let's enjoy the photos of this amazing event. I hope this continues and is not just a once off.

Thank you to Sinisha and Erik for the photos and answering all my questions.

We will continue to post any new news and when some of the posters and prints are available to purchase raising money for the local Childrens Cancer Foundation which is a personal and important foundation to support for Sinisha.

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