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A New Generation of Phantom Artists

"Friendship" by Joel Tarling

There was a fantastic Phantom opportunity for some kids holiday fun and friendship at The Phantom Art Show in Manly yesterday.

In a wonderful initiative by the Manly Art Gallery, exhibiting artists Joel Tarling and Tom Whelan hosted two groups of students in the exhibition space for a Phantom-themed Kids' Art Adventures session.

According to Katherine Roberts, Senior Curator of the Gallery, "Joel and Tom were FANTASTIC with the children at the 2 workshops yesterday. We had about 30 children who each made their own comic books."

The kids were able to explore The Phantom Art Show exhibition, learn about the art of comic writing and drawing, and ultimately create their own comics in response to the exhibition.

As you can see from the photos that Katherine has thoughtfully sent through to share with us, the Art Show space was the perfect venue to inspire some exceptional creativity. With Phantom art displayed on the walls all around them, and Phantom comic books on the tables in front of them, no wonder the room looks like a hive of activity!

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