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Where is JFK?

It's been over two months since we first reported the 30th June 2017 release date for Hermes Press' new comic book series The Phantom: President Kennedy's Mission.

Unfortunately that date has come and gone with no sign of the books, so the question must be asked: where is JFK?

The short answer is - it's been delayed. Why? The San Diego Comic Con (July 20-23) is to blame!

For the latest update, the ChronicleChamber team has gone straight to the source, Managing Director Sabrina Herman, "​We've been so insane getting ready for SDCC!"

With several special issues and editions that Hermes have been preparing to launch at the SDCC (including Garfield, Babes in Arms, and Battling Beauties), "insane" could be an understatement! Indeed, much of the normal operations at HP have been suspended, with advice on their webpage stating that there is no shipping of purchases until after SDCC.

While perhaps a little frustrating for phans worldwide who have been salivating about Ron Goulart's President Kennedy series since Sean Joyce was announced as artist over 14 months ago, we are assured the end is in sight!

Sabrina tells us that "we actually are premiering the Phantom JFK #1 (and variant covers) at the [SDCC] ... we are having advances sent to the show, and the bulk will come to our warehouse for the rest of the world to get a few weeks after the show."

There is particularly great news for American phans and anyone else who can get to SDCC. "We'll be having Sean Joyce at the show to sign copies of the comic (and the variants) at our booth (#1821) on Friday (11am-12) and Saturday (11am-12). And we'll be bringing some limited quantities of the Danger in the Forbidden City hardcover edition for him to sign, since he did the art for the cover."

So stop stressing phans - it's coming soon!

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