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Hermes Comic Book Series #2 "Kennedy's Mission" out this July

The team at ChronicleChamber has been given an official statement and an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated next comic book series from Hermes Press, Ron Goulart's The Phantom: President Kennedy's Mission.

The official word from Hermes Press about the release date is ... 30th June 2017!

Not long at all....

If you have a keen eye, you would've seen this series mentioned in the Previews magazines in the last month. So if you have not already, get your order in with your local comic store. Or, you can wait for them to become available at the Phantoms Vault web store. Of course you can also pre-order the series via the Hermes Press website.

From Sabrina Herman the Managing Editor:

"Our official release date is June 30th (as in, it'll be in stores, but that of course depends on the shipper, so I'd err on the side of saying early July)."

Sabrina has also supplied a few pencil sneak peaks which you can see below. The first one is a full interior page, and the second is the pencils of a cover. You can also see the finished cover product in the gallery below. This is the first insight we have had of an interior page.

I myself like seeing pencils as it shows the detail and care of the artist, Sean Joyce, that can sometimes gets lost with inks and colours. If every page and cover has this much care taken, I look forward to what Hermes will be giving us to devour in the next 1.5-2 months time.

Thank you Hermes for the official release date, and we look forward to this series.

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