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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #59 - The Phantom Art Show in Coffs Harbour

On Friday 10th March 2017, The Phantom Art Show arrived in Coffs Harbour, at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery.

No doubt you've already read our written review of the Opening, but in Episode 59 of X Band: The Phantom Podcast you will hear all the speeches from the Opening night, including the announcement of the winners of the saso.creative Phantom Downunder Art Prize, as well as the Artists' Talk held in the Gallery the following day.

From Friday night, you will hear from: Margaret Cameron, manager of the Art Gallery; Coffs Harbour City Counsellor Jan Strong; contributing artist Dick Frizzell; Dare Jennings, founder of Mambo and iconic Phantom phan; Bunker Chairman Paul McKeown; Nanette Backhouse and Sam Chapman from sponsors Saso Creative; as well as a special guest who emerges from the smoke and shadows...

We also have an exclusive interview with one of the winners of the Art Prize.

The Artists' Talk on Saturday features co-curators Dietmer Lederwasch and Peter Kingston, together with artists Dick Frizzell and Euan McLeod.


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