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The Artists' Talk for the Ghost Who Walks

The Phantom Art Show lands in Coffs Harbour this weekend, and while most of the focus has been on the Grand Opening celebration on Friday 10th March, plans are also in place for a recovery gathering the next day.

On the morning after the night before, co-curators and contributing artists Dietmar Lederwasch and Peter Kingston, together with featured artists Euan McLeod and Dick Frizzell, will reconvene in the Bunker Cartoon Gallery for an Artists' Talk.

This will be a unique opportunity for phans and art lovers to hear from four of the key contributors to the Phantom Art Show.

Artists' Talk invitation, featuring Gary Shead's "Fruit Shop"

Meanwhile, the redecorating of the Bunker Cartoon Gallery has had the final touches applied in the last couple of days, and while the final result may not be the Skull Cave replica we envisaged earlier this week, it is certainly no less spectacular.

If the images posted on the Kit Walker Facebook page (below) are any indication, the mural that envelopes the entrance will be absolutely awe-inspiring. The grand scale reproduction of Frizzell's Grieving Phantom that now appears deep in the Coffs Harbour jungle is both an imposing and a fitting image to welcome visitors into the latest incarnation of the Phantom Art Show.

ChronicleChamber will be present at both the Friday night opening and the Saturday morning Artists' Talk, and we look forward to sharing the sights and sounds of both occasions via this website and X-Band: The Phantom Podcast in the coming days and weeks.

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