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Phantom Closes Down Gallery

The Phantom has shut down plenty of slave markets, pirate dens, and smuggler rings over the last 400 odd years - but an Art Gallery? Not until March 2017.

Margaret Cameron, Manager of the Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour NSW, has today let faithful patrons know that preparations for Friday evening's phantastic gala opening of The Phantom Art Show has led to the highly unusual step of temporarily closing the Gallery to members of the public.

Further adding to the mystique of the Show, it seems that the Skull Cave image we released in yesterday's post may be indicative only, with the real work taking place this week. Based on Margaret's statement, together with reported sightings of co-curators Peter Kingston and Dietmar Lederwasch in Coffs Harbour in the last couple of days, who knows exactly what will greet Phantom enthusiasts on Friday night?

Margaret's full message, as emailed to friends of the Bunker Cartoon Gallery, is below:

There is much excitement at The Bunker right now with the opening of The Phantom Art Show so close.

Of course, it is chaotic while we put together possibly the biggest and certainly the most complex show yet to be seen at The Bunker, and in the interests of public safety we have had to do something which we don’t normally do, and that is close the gallery for a couple of days. With scaffolding outside and art pieces all over inside, it is not a safe place for visitors, and for this we do apologise to anyone planning a visit today or tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday).

The Bunker will reopen its doors on Thursday afternoon and by Friday will be ready to welcome all to The Phantom Art Show. Remember if you want to come along on Friday night, tickets are selling fast and we do need you to pre-purchase so give the gallery a call 6651 7343 (yes the volunteers are all still here to take calls) and book your ticket or go to and book now!

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