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Are we going to get a new Phantom Publisher?

Eagle eyed fan Jon Cookson spied an announcement from the creators of the 80th Dublin Con Phantom comic that they may be releasing another Phantom comic.

Apart from the below image all they have quoted on their Facebook page is Stay tuned for our exciting new line-up of titles coming soon.

The promo image also shows that we will see the comic in May 2017 which is only a few short months away.

Now while the Facebook post is ambiguous on purpose all bodes well that we may end up getting another publisher publishing Phantom comics.

As you can see with the attached image, the arms crossed pose, the mask, the cowl and the wrist bands are all classic Phantom-ish in style and design.

The team at Chronicle Chamber have been in contact with the brains at Lighting Strike Comic Books and we will update you as soon as we know more.

Thanks to Jon Cookson for the spot!

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