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Update on Phantom Trading Cards

Ever since the teaser card was included in Frew's 80th Anniversary Special, Phantom phans have been waiting with bated breath for the Phantom Gallery Series 2 set of trading cards that have been commissioned by Glenn Ford's Phanfare. Unfortunately, despite the promised 'coming this Xmas' statement made on the teaser card, we are now in January and there is still no sign of the cards.

No one is more frustrated with this than Ford himself: "I've been waiting for two artists to finish up their other commitments before they can get to this card series. I'm now off to the printers - who are back from holidays next week. It's a complicated job, from a printer's perspective, so I anticipate it'll be on sale in March."

While it is a little disappointing that these cards are a few months behind schedule, it's probably best to keep these things in perspective. After all, the Phantom Gallery Series 1 cards were released over 20 years ago. Another month or two to wait for Series 2 surely won't make that much of a difference!

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