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Danger in the Forbidden City - TPB Review

From late 2014 through to early 2016, it seemed like Phantom phans around the world were always eagerly awaiting the next installment of Hermes' Press original new Phantom story, Danger in the Forbidden City.

Perhaps that's because the wait between issues became, at time, interminable. Phans were forced to wait as many as 3 to 4 months between chapters of the 6-part story, and the full impact of the story was lost for some.

Variant cover #1A - Also used for The Phantom TPB

Thankfully then, there is the recently released Trade Paper Back!

Available from comic stores, online retailers and the Hermes Press website, the TPB allows readers to consume the story at their own pace and absorb Peter David's adventurous tale in a timely fashion.

Sal Velluto is arguably at the peak of his powers in this story; his full journey through the story is told in his blog The Ghost Who Draws, and is well worth reading.

Story aside, there are also some pretty cool special features, editorials and interviews that make this edition just a little more special.

ChronicleChamber has had a flick through a copy and we like what we see. Our Video Review (below) can take you inside Hermes' latest release.

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