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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #49 - October 2016 Comics and News

Episode 49 is bursting at the seams as the team try to fit in all of the recent Phantom News and Reviews before a bit of self indulgence in the 50th hence the 1:48 runtime. We're sure you'll enjoy it though!

In this episode Jermayn takes the reigns as the boys discuss all the new merchandise that is coming out... just in time for Christmas! We have a new range of puzzles, rings, cards, clothes, diaries, journals, novels and posters to ask Santa for this Christmas, we hope you've been good boys and girls. The boys pay their respects to Phantom Artist Lindsay Walker and check out Antonio Lemos' freshly relaunched website. We have a response from Dudley regarding the use of colour in Frew's 80th Anniversary Special and we review the latest Frews (#1762-#1766) as well as the conclusion to the Kings Quest mini series. Dan has also got his hands on a physical copy of the Dublin Comic Con special. There's also a rare treat to finish off with with Steve getting his rant on. Enjoy!

***Please note for more information regarding the story of the Phantom's Wedding print that Jermayn talks about please follow these links ***

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