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A Phantom Puzzle

In what will be one of the first major product launches for Glenn Ford's Phanfare, coming soon is a new line of Phantom jigsaw puzzles.

Excitingly, Rene White of distributor Phantom's Vault tells us that these are "the first 2 in a series of planned jigsaws", so there will hopefully be many more to come.

Ford has certainly chosen the images well for the first two puzzles in the series, both iconic Phantom scenes. The first, Sy Barry's 1977 "The Wedding" captures a seminal moment in Phantom history, while Ford's own historic "Frew #1000 cover" from 1991 is the subject of the second.

It is exciting to be looking forward and speculating on what other Phantom images could be used in future releases.

With 1000 pieces and at 75cm x 50cm (29.5" x 15.5" for US phans), these are large, brightly coloured puzzles that are sure to be challenging and "phun for all the phamily!"

Despite being commissioned and produced by Phanfare, they do not appear in that Treasure Room at this time. To pre-order the puzzles you need to email and they will contact you when the puzzles are available.

At A$35 each (+GST and postage) these would seem to be affordably priced... although it could add up quickly if you need playable AND mint boxed versions for the Major Treasure Room!

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