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Antonio Lemos Website Re-Launch

In an announcement via email and Facebook tonight, Frew cover artist Antonio Lemos has re-launched his personal website.

The address is where you'll want to head to check out the magnificent work of this prolific Phantom artist.

From the mouth of Antonio himself:

Hello to all 'phans' in the Phantom Fraternity:

I would like to invite you to visit my updated website and I welcome any comments you have to make about its contents.

Please use the form on the website's Bio page at to do so.

Kind regards


The screenshot accompanying Antonio's message

It's not entirely clear how you can purchase Antonio's original work, but you can certainly have a look at some of the many works he has produced, as evidenced in the small sample available on the Gallery and Covers pages of the site.

Particularly exciting is the prospect of commissioning Antonio to produce Phantom-themed art borne of your own imagination.

Between this and the Art for Sale tab that Antonio has also included on the site, presumably a quick email using the link at the bottom of that page can set you up with some original artwork from one of Australia's (Argentina's) most accomplished Phantom artists.

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