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Even with the move to Wix, ChronicleChamber still costs a lot to run. Hosting fees, domain fees, podcast-making fees...It all adds up. As before, we'd like to call on any Phans who enjoy what we present here on the site and the X-Band podcast who feel they may be able to spare $1 (or more, we won't argue) to help support the site.

All money raised via the Patreon goes directly back into the website. We don't spend it on comics or collectables, we spend it on making ChronicleChamber better for you fine folks.

The Patreon has several donation tiers, and you can earn cool stuff depending on how much you donate. Donate enough and you'll get to be a special guest on a future episode of X-Band! Also, all Patreon members will have access to exclusive content. So far we've shared the very hard to find Phantom 2040 video game soundtrack. Next, our Patreons will be receiving scans of long out-of-print editorials and newsletters focusing on The Phantom, previews of which you can see below.

At the moment we're aiming to rise enough to cover the on-going cost of running the site. Once we meet that goal we'll start working towards working on even more content for ChronicleChamber itself.

So if you feel you can spare as little as $1 a month to help support what we do here on the site, head on over to our Patreon and help us make ChronicleChamber the best Phantom site possible!

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