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Egmont Empty Throne Storyline Getting Attention from the Swedish Media

Chronicle Chamber has posted and discussed in the latest Podcast about the Empty Throne Saga from Egmont which is written by Claes Reimerthi and drawn by the late Paul Ryan. It features the 21st Phantom missing for over a year and features Kit and Heloise going through the procedure off becoming the 22nd Phantom.

As discussed before these stories are not a 'What If' story line that does not exist in the Egmont canon.

The first website the article was featured in was Aftonbladet. What I myself got out of the article was

ONE) We will see 3 part stories of this saga a year.

TWO) They talked to Sy Barry and the Falk family about the saga (NOTE: Correction by Andreas that they did NOT talk to the Falk family about this).

THREE) The change will not feature in the Newspaper stories

FOUR) Very possible we will see TWO Phantoms running around at the same time

FIVE) It is going to be a test to see if the time is ripe for the 21st to die/ retire

The second website is The Local and they tend to focus on the fact that the next Phantom is likely going to be Heloise. It also makes out that Andreas the Egmont editor is leaning towards that path.

Read the articles yourselves and let us know what you think.

EDIT: There has been several other websites reviewing and writing about the story which is listed below. Thank you to Andreas for the heads up regarding them. You will need a translator (or Google Chrome) if you do not understand the language.

Some plots are detailed in the above links so this is your official spoiler warning

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