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UPDATED: Dynamite & Hermes Announce New Comics

Dynamite Entertainment and Hermes Press have both announced new Phantom comics which will be on sale in November and October of this year, respectively.

Dynamite has announced the follow up to their second Kings Quest crossover, however, this time it will be appearing in a new issue #1 for Flash Gordon, rather than a stand alone series. The announcement article on Newsarama mentions states that this will be an "all-new five-issue storyline, beginning in November with Flash Gordon #1." This suggests that the storyline may spread across several series so we may see anther Phantom and Mandrake series from Dynamite, containing the other parts. Of course, this is just conjecture at the moment and we'll provide more solid details as they become available.

Meanwhile, Hermes has announced on Facebook The Phantom: The Art of the Ghost Who Walks. This new tome from Hermes is to be dedicated to the many artists who have worked on the character from his inception through to the modern era. According to the description, the book will offer "rarely seen early original artwork by Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy. This deluxe art book additionally offers chapters on the artists who have worked on the strip from its beginning in 1936 to the present with numerous examples of original artwork, speciality pieces, and unpublished artwork."

The book is set to be in full colour and safe coffee table book format of Hermes' previous releases. It will retail for $65US.

Cover for Flash Gordon #1

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