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Welcome to ChronicleChamber v6.0

If you've been following the site for a little while you might know that ChronicleChamber has had a few different homes over its 10 years. Well, after much consideration I decided it was again time to move out of the house that had served the site well and, with a sentimental tear in my eye, relocate to a place that better suited the site and what I want for it going into 2016 and beyond.

The decision to move has been forming for a little while now, at least as early as January this year, and is the culmination of many variables. As stated on the site's Patreon account the site was becoming expensive to run. While I won't go into specifics, the cost of hosting, domain registration and other site-related expenses have built to the point at which it was no longer feasible - let along sensible - for me to continue to pay for them.

However, what this forced me to do was reevaluate the site and what I wanted it to be. I sat back and thought about why I had built ChronicleChamber in the first place. Basically, the concept behind the site was "community." By this I don't just mean regular phans, although they of course were a part of it, but creators, publishers, and anyone else that had a hand in creating Phantom media as well. While phans might not be able to talk directly to creators (although this did happen on occasion,) creators would be able to "talk" to phans by way of interviews and articles. There was no Phantom site on the internet that offered that.

Unfortunately; or fortunately depending on your point or view, the larger part of interacting with fellow phans has been taken away from things like message boards and replaced with social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Sure, they might be more convenient but they don't have that family-ness to them that message boards did. But I digress...

So if Facebook has made having any kind of site-based community null and void, where did that leave ChronicleChamber? Well, with the news. Not just news though, but also creator interviews and quality, well-written editorial articles about The Phantom and his world. Something no Phantom website had offered before 2006, or since.

These things, along with X-Band: The Phantom Podcast will be the main focus of ChronicleChamber moving forward. While this is a down-sizing in scope of what i had originally intended for the site, it also means that these aspects can be given the attention they deserve to bring you the best content possible.

Everything will be directly accessible from the main page and all will be archived and kept for prosperity. The site has been slimmed down, streamlined and content made much easier to find. Everything you need can be accessed from the site's main page.

I hope you enjoy this new version of the site. Everything from the previous v5.0, or at least the most important stuff, is still accessible. There have been some changes but also at least one new addition (more on that later, but the keen eyed among you may have already spotted it). I've tried to make the new site as user friendly and intuitive as possible so please feel free to let me know what you think via our Facebook page, PhantomCollector group, Twitter, or email.


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