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More Hints from Hermes about their new Phantom Mini Series

In an article by Comic Mix they talk about the legacy of the Phantom to survive over 80 years in today’s world and correctly give the Phantom its true historical nod as the first superhero. They also talk about Hermes' up-coming new comic book series.

Publisher Dan Hermes talks about their exciting Avon release but maybe more importantly he gives us some hints about the new series including confirming that Ron Goulart is the writer but also the story arc featuring John F Kennedy which means we are likely to be reading about a historical Phantom – likely the 20th.

Information on the artist is still a secret but Dan has informed the Comic Mix readers that he is a Hollywood artist and he is creating matte paintings. It is unknown if every panel will be painted or whether the matte paintings will be the covers.

When we know more, you will be informed.

Dan revealed that next up is another Phantom comic book series. In this new adventure, John F. Kennedy reaches out to the Phantom to send him on a secret assignment. And while the Phantom isn’t an American, he did attend school in the states and his wife is an American.

Industry veteran Ron Goulart is the writer, but the artist is new to comics. “We loved Sal Velluto’s art, but for this we wanted something different,” said Dan.

The new illustrator is a Hollywood artist, and he will be creating matte paintings in the style of the legendary Alex Raymond. “His work is on par with the best of George Wilson,” teased Dan. But he wasn’t ready to reveal the artist’s name to me at this time.

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