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Sy Barry Website Now Live!

You may remember a little while ago we let you know that famous Phantom artist Sy Barry was setting up a website to sell and promote his work. Well, that website is now live and is accessible via the URL.

Sy Barry producing the art that is now for sale on his site.

The website itself is nicely designed with a clean, visually interesting theme. It contains a biography on the famous artist, lost of examples of his work including non-Phantom illustrations and, of course, a portfolio from which you can buy his original works. Prices for each of the works is not given on the site, rather you need to contact the site if you wish to buy or inquire about a piece.

Sure to be a URL that will be in every phans’ bookmark list, it’s well worth having a look through and being tempted by the beautiful, clean art of arguably the greatest Phantom artist, Sy Barry.

Check out!

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