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Hotwheels Release Pop Culture Line. Phantom Included.

Well, this we didn’t see coming! Hot Wheels, the famous collectible die cast car company is to release a new line this year called Pop Culture, and it will feature the Phantom!

Information on the Pop Culture line is sparse at best. In fact, CC only became aware of it when phan Jermayn posted a link to an eBay listing for the car on our Phantom Collectors Facebook page. Nearly all of the information we have found has come from eBay listings of the various cars in the line being made available as pre-orders. While regular toy stores are offering them, they all seem to be doing so in group lots, which isn’t ideal if you’re only after the Phantom car. There isn’t even any information on Hot Wheels’ site. At the moment, it seems your best bet in quartering one of these cars is via eBay.

The line, which is to be released sometime this February, will feature all kinds of characters well known in pop culture. From the Looney Tunes to the Muppets and, of course, the Ghost Who Walks. The Phantom isn’t the only King Features character to be featured, however, as Flash Gordon, Popeye and Hagar the Horrible also adorn the side of some models.

Of all the cars from this line listed on eBay, we’ve only found ONE active listing for the Phantom car, so it seems that this will be quite the collectible.

Of course, they may become more readily available once the line is officially released, but if a die cast Phantom car is something that appeals to you, we recommend jumping onto eBay ASAP.

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