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Ed Rhoades Passes

Ed with Sy Barry

Today is a very sad day for the Phantom community. Ed Rhoades, a man who has for many years been one of the most key figures in international Phantom fan circles, has sadly died due to a tragic cycling accident.

A lifetime long Phantom fan and a personal friend of Lee Falk, Ed was one of those amazing people who would always take time out to talk with other fans, no matter which side of the planet they hailed from. Best know as editor and publisher of the US Friends of the Phantom newsletter, Ed also contributed to many other Phantom-related publications including being a consultant for Moonstone on their various Phantom series.

An artist, teacher, musician and songwriter, Ed had many talents. News of his death due to a horrible accident in which he lost control of the bicycle he was riding and collided with a pickup truck, is sure to leave many fellow Phans shaken.

Although Ed and I only spoke a few times, as a member of the Phantom community and someone who has given a lot of time to help build that community in my own small way, Ed was someone I truly looked up to. He will be very sadly missed!

For a full report on Ed’s death as well as a video of the story as it appeared on Ed’s local news station, see the WNEP website.

Ed also had his own website, which you can visit HERE.

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