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Zauberstern Comics Announces Release Date & Contents for their #1 Comic

June 2022 will see not one but two new Phantom comic series being released. More information on the series released by Wick Publications can be found here. Over the past few days Zauberstern Comics have released exciting information on their new series.

As announced late last year the cover was created by artist Timo Wuerz. Now we know the release date, the contents and price. Sneak peaks of the first 6 covers have been released and you can now order all 6 issues via their website. Another option is via the Peter Poluda Medienvertrieb website.

Each issue will be released every two months and will be 100+ pages in full colour and will feature a new story plus a classic story. The first issue will be released June 8th 2022. Each issue will cost €9.99 ($15Au, $10US & 105kr).

Issue #1 will feature the Frew created story "The Ghost and the Monster" written by Andrew Constant and illustrated by Giancarlo Caracuzzo that appeared in Frew's Graphic Novel #2 (our review) plus "Waterman" (titled "The Secret Of The Fishman"), a Sunday story written by Lee Falk and drawn by George Olesen and Fred Fredericks.

As you can see with the below image there will also be covers by popular artists Ertuğrul Edirne, Henrik Sahlström and what looks to be another cover from Timo Wuerz. It is our understanding that other Frew stories will be featured in upcoming comics.

Chronicle Chamber will be reviewing these comics as they come out which will be posted here but also in our monthly comics and news X-Band: The Phantom Podcast.


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