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Zauberstern Comics Announce 'Defenders of the Earth' Stories in their Flash Gordon Comic Series

On the back of King Features offering a Defenders of the Earth license and Mad Cave Studios releasing their new TPB featuring the comic book series, German publisher Zauberstern Comics has also announced they will be doing the same.

The first issue featuring the original Marvel comics will be Zauberstern Flash Gordon #6 released from 28 June 2024. You will be able to purchase the comics from this link on their shop website.

The original 1980's comic book series was written by Stan Lee and Bob Harras and penciled by Alex Saviuk and inked by Fred Fredericks.

With the success of the recent Defenders of the Earth NECA toys (our review) and Monogram International keyrings (our review), it is only fitting that we see the re-release of the original comic stories. Fingers crossed that this leads to more Defenders of the Earth media and merchandise, could a TV show or movie be in the near future too?

Thank you to Andreas Eriksson for bring this news to our attention. If you spot other Phantom related news, please contact us via email and or our social media platforms.


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