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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #179 - Phans' Phavourites Of 2020

Jermayn, Dan, Stephen & Mikael go over their phavourites from around the world for 2020 including the "Frew Best Of 2020" results as held in the survey ran by Chronicle Chamber.

It is a bumper podcast just a tick over 2.5 hours but with 100+ comics and products that came out and 12 categories for us to discuss from 2020, it was not an easy task but we managed.

First of all we go over the tale of the tape highlighting where each comic, TPB and book came from and comparing it from the previous years and then we go over our favourites. The discussion areas we discussed are:

  • Best non-Frew/Fantomen cover

  • Best Frew Cover

  • Frew Survey Results for Best Frew Cover

  • Best Fantomen Cover

  • Best Writer

  • Best Story Artist

  • Best Story Published by Frew

  • Frew Survey Results for Best Frew Story

  • Overall Fantomen Best Story

  • Best Fantomen Issue

  • Best Frew Issue

  • Frew Survey Results for Best Frew Issue

  • Best Licensed and Unlicensed Merchandise

We then finished it off discussing our overall thoughts of 2020 from an overall Phantom perspective and our favourite Chronicle Chamber moment.

Our YouTube video includes images and examples of all of the comics, stories and merchandise so if you are a visual person we recommend you watching our video. Otherwise our audio podcast is attached for your pleasure.

Also a huge thanks to everyone who entered in their phavourites for the Frew survey and a huge shout out to the winners:

Frew Crew Badge

  1. Daniella Colomara

  2. Nick Moles

Chronicle Chamber Merchandise Set

  1. Shane

  2. Glaucio Cardoso

  3. Adrian Wade

All winners have their prizes sent out to them.

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We would love to hear from you on what you think of this podcast episode and our reviews and opinions. You can email us at or via our social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.


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