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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #216 - Duncan Munro (Phan & Creator)

Jermayn Parker tackles Duncan Munro on his own and together they get up to some mischief and phun talking everything Phantom. It is a fast paced chat as they talk and dissect all the big Phantom topics ranging from colour comics, paper quality, killing off the 21st Phantom, the digital realm and the age old Falkimsm v Modernism.

Duncan Munro is one of the few Phantom people who balance the act of a life time phan but also a creator who has added to the lore of the character.

Some of the discussions we have during the podcast are:

  • Duncan's history with the character

  • What he collects and what he would NEVER collect

  • Favourite stories

  • How he would get new phans if he ever stepped into the KFS and Frew shoes

  • The Phantom & the world of digital. Can they marry?

  • Colour and increased paper quality with the Frew comic

  • Under utilised elements of the Phantom

  • Falkism, modernism and the tricky balancing act in-between

  • Should we kill off the 21st Phantom?

  • The Phantom visiting Australia again

  • Duncan and his decision to add/correct Falk lore

  • Duncan's right of reply to our reviews of his work

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