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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #204 - Crossovers

Crossovers are all the rage within the comics universe with success with movies, so why not the Phantom? Stephen East, Dan Fraser and Jermayn Parker chat about The Phantom and the crossovers he has existed in and then we discuss why they are important and what we would like to see from comic publishers but also the owners King Features Syndicate.

We also discuss if KFS have indeed put a ban on Frew crossovers and we raise why its important for the comic but also for the greater good of the Australian comic industry.

We go over known crossovers like:

  • Video / Audio

    • "Defenders of the Earth" tv show

    • "The Man who Hated Laughter" short movie

    • "Yellow Submarine" Beatles film clip

  • Newspaper stories

    • Phantom and Mandrake crossovers (click here for a full list link)

    • "The Twins' Futures" (D243) - with Mary Worth

    • Dick Tracy story - Featuring Mr Walker and Devil at an airport

    • Escaped Convicts” - Defenders of the Earth dream sequence crossover

    • * Many of these cameo's are on our Phantom Preservation Project. To get access learn about becoming a patreon.

  • Comics

    • "Defenders of the Earth" comic book series

    • "Scorpius" by Shane Foley

    • "Death Dive" by Glenn Lumsden

    • "The Raven" by Andrew Constant

    • "Phantom/Captain Action" by Moonstone

    • "Kings Watch / Quest / Cross" by Dynamite Entertainment

    • "Legenderry" by Dynamite Entertainment

    • "Zigomar vs the Phantom"

    • "Masks of the Phantom" with Varg Veum by Lightning Strikes

  • Parodies

    • Brazil DotE parody comic

    • Mad Sunday parody

    • Robot Chicken DotE

    • * Many of these cameo's are on our Phantom Preservation Project. To get access learn about becoming a patreon.

  • Promotions & phan art worth mentioning

    • Early KFS advertising

    • KFS American Football line up

    • KFS Christmas table

    • King comics with Girl Phantom on the back cover

    • Various "Comics Revue" covers

We would love to hear from you on what you think of what we discussed in the podcast and we hope you have a great time listening to the podcast. If we have missed any crossovers, please let us know in the comments field via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram or you can email us at

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