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Wave 1.5 from Boss Fight Studio Announced

A huge thanks from a phan from Baltimore who pointed us in the right direction that Boss Fight Studio has released a listing and concept picture of their wave 1.5 which is likely to be released in June 2021. This is interesting as it is the first time we have heard about a 1.5 wave.

The first wave will have:

  1. Blue Julie Walker as the Phantom

  2. 21st Phantom in purple

  3. Phantom with Hero in grey(gray)

The Phantom with Hero is not yet available for pre order but you can pre order the other two here.

In a previous video released by Boss Fight Studio, we have been told that the second wave will include:

  1. 11th Phantom in unknown colour

  2. Singh Pirate with multiple heads and gear so you could buy several and have multiple pirates for the Phantom to fight.

There are no current release or ore order dates for wave 2.0 but with wave 1.5 having a tentative date of June 2021, I expect wave 2.0 to be released in the last quarter of 2021 with pre orders 1-3 months prior.

Wave 1.5 will contain another Phantom and a female Phantom (who is likely Julie, the Phantoms 17th twin sister) but in different colours and with different accessories than in wave 1.0.

The Phantom from wave 1.5 will be in blue and red underpants which is the typical Scandinavian colour set. He will be included with the 'Little People' which are an alien race that crash landed on Earth long ago, and who since then have lived in Bangalla and now the Island of Eden.

The female Phantom will be in red which is the traditional southern Europe and South American colour set. She will be included with a Chronicle Book. This is the first time we have seen the red costume.

It will be interesting reading and seeing the reactions from phans and if you will pre order and buy wave 1.5 as well as wave 1.0. Wave 1.5 has the same Phantoms as in wave 1.0 but in different colours.

It could be a good test for the market to see if there is enough interest for phans to buy multi coloured Phantoms with slightly different accessories. This phan boy will be, will you?

To find out more about Erik Arana and Boss Fight Studio, we recommend watching our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #146. Video is below:


A huge thanks to the phan from Baltimore for the news. If you ever spot any news that we have missed, please email us at


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