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Vote for the Best Story published in Fantomen 2020

The Swedish Phantom comic Fantomen have hosted votes about the best story for over 30 years, and now in their 70th year there is no exception.

Like all elections it is important to vote!

Even to non-Swedes this vote is important since it gives Team Fantomen and Egmont's editorial staff information about what type of stories you want to read in future issues. These days most Team Fantomen stories show up in Frew in Australia and even Brazil's Mythos Publishing are reprinting them as well. These publishers from around the world are more than likely to pick up a story that has won a Best Story award or polled well.

My vote for best story for 2020 is "A Reckoning with the Nomad" which appeared in Fantomen 2-3/2020. Honourable mentions would be "Heloise Comes Home" (Fantomen 25-26/2020), "Jungle Love" (Fantomen 2-3/2020) and Stulna Ringar (Fantomen 24/2020).

How to vote?

Click here to go to; if you use Google Chrome you can right click and choose 'Translate To English'.

The best way for non-Swedes to identify each story is is to go to the Phantomwiki page for Fantomen 2020. This page lists all the Fantomen issues, with story titles given in English if they have been published by Frew. To see the titles of the other stories, you will need to follow the links (issue number) for each issue.

The last date to vote is 21st of February and the result will be published in issue 9/2021.

As an extra thank you, Team Fantomen are raffling away 10 Fantomen Legend books (review of the book here). From past experiences they do post winners out overseas including Australia.

As soon as we hear word about Fantomen's annual Best Cover vote, we will let you know!


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