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"The Phantom Treasure" Game Explained

After the news of Wulfric Media / Reapers Quest starting a Go Fund Me campaign for their "Phantom Treasure" game some phans were confused on exactly what it was for. After talking to owner Kelby Wooldridge, we at Chronicle Chamber now understand what the game is about. Hopefully you will to.

If you have any further questions, you can contact Kelby via the companies Facebook account.

The best way to describe the game is a board-based treasure hunt with a web content element.

There are ten miniatures on the board that forms a map of Phantom's country and its major landmarks. Made up of 15 (fifteen) centimeter square tiles, the board encompasses a space 45 centimeters by 75 centimeters.

The board itself is self-contained with all the clues and a login to your personal entry form via online. This is not a geo-cache or a game with any travel required. You need the completed board, placed miniatures and a computer with a web connection, that is it.

Each miniature is a cast non-lead based pewter model based on art from Glenn Ford from Frew Publications. Here is some of the artwork drawings you have already seen before (originally reported here).

This artwork is then to be transformed into 3D models like the following:

It is worth noting that the models here are shown in 3D printed resin and are not the final version. It takes a lot of work to transfer a 2D drawing to a 3D model.

The Phantom World map is also designed by Glenn Ford, with locations of the landmarks and tribes from the Phantom storyline, making it one of the most comprehensive to date.

Every month, once it is for sale, a miniature will be shipped to you with the last month containing the map.

When you receive your miniature, you have to confirm receipt of it by logging into the website. With the last shipment, the game will start five days after the last person has confirmed their shipment. Only then will you get the first clue to start the hunt. You only get the next clue once you have solved the previous one.

To get the treasure, you have to solve all the clues to reveal what it is and where it is located. Included on the website, we hope to have a leader board showing your progress against the other players.

The big question is what will it cost? At this stage, the total costs will be around around $770Au ($550US, €490 & 5,000 nok/sek). This will be paid over 10 monthly payments of $77Au ($55US, €49 & 500 nok/sek).

Now you know what the game is all about, does it excite you or make you change your opinion? Will you support the Go Fund Me campaign?

We did ask Kelby about the Go Fund Me campaign and he had the following to say:

"We have tried getting grants to complete this, but we do not fit into any one criteria. The other items we sell on our website were going to help fund this, bit with COVID impacting sales, we are asking for your help to get this unique game into market.

Your one off donation will secure you first option to purchase the game and the amount you donate will come off your price.

Thank you for your assistance and hopefully we can get this to a reality."

Let us know your thoughts...


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