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The Easter Egg of Swedish Editors

Readers of Fantomen 5/2021 might notice some familiar faces.

In the story "The Little Detective Who Disappeared" part of the story takes place in Sweden. One of those panels in particular got quite heavy edited in the Swedish Fantomen comics as you can see on the images above.

In the Fantomen comics, the character Farfar (Swedish for grandfather on your father's side) has been edited to look more like Ulf Granberg with the eye patch added.

The woman and the man in the background were also removed and edited. In their places the retiring Fantomen editor Mikael Sol and the new Fantomen editor Andreas Eriksson were added.

You should also notice the logo on the back of Andreas' shirt, which is Ades Media, his own publishing company.

Below are photos of Mikael Sol, Andreas Eriksson and Ulf Granberg.


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