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Review of Fantomen 2022/21

Mikael Lyck from Chronicle Chamber reviews the latest Fantomen issue - 2022/21 which features the following story:

  • "Saga of the Vultures Chapter One: The Haunted Castle" by Pidde Andersson & Anthony Spay.

Luca Erbetta came up with a cool cover with lots of suspense and cool colours. Great work!

"Saga of the Vultures Chapter One: The Haunted Castle" by Pidde Andersson and Anthony Spay, is the first part of three in this origin story of the Vultures. I think this is my favourite Frew created story, really nice to get all this lore. It looks amazing with this colouring! The original story published by Frew, was in black and white.

The new side comic is "Libertalia", a French album series about the founding of the mythic Pirate Utopia. It was a bit hard for me to get into with all the characters, but I have found the myth of Libertalia quite fascinating since I played "Uncharted 4".

Until next time, Happy Phantoming!

We recommend watching/listing to our X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts with both Pidde Andersson (#224) and Anthony Spay (#188) as we discuss the Vultures Origin saga in both podcasts.

All Fantomen reviews will be included in our monthly X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. You can find out more at our website and or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.


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