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Review of Fantomen 2022/13

Mikael Lyck from Chronicle Chamber reviews the latest Fantomen issue - 2022/13 which features the following stories:

  • "Femme Fatal" by Andreas Eriksson and Ivan Rodriguez

  • "Terror at the Opera" by Lee Falk, Elizabeth Falk, George Olesen & Keith Williams

A quite different cool cover from Henrik Sahlström.

The main story is by Andreas Eriksson and Ivan Rodriguez "Femme Fatal", that was first published in Frew #1909, I enjoyed this story a lot, the street smart head character plays the Phantom so well understanding his weakness.

The issue also includes Lee Falks last newspaper story that was finished by Elizabeth, art by George Olesen and Keith Williams. "Terror at the Opera", so we finally get the Phantom of the Opera… I think the story is quite strong if you think about the circumstances in which it was written.

Next issue will feature a comeback, Phantom is coming back to Sweden! This time to Gotland, the biggest Swedish island, every election year all the politicians gather there and talk to the public, this time it seems that the Phantom will also join in.

We will also get a reprint of Team Fantomens "King of Chicago", a two parter about Al Capone and the 19th Phantom. Rounding off the comic will also feature Sy Barry's last Sunday story "Phantom World".

Until then, Happy Phantoming!

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