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Review of Fantomen 2021/25-26

Mikael Lyck from Chronicle Chamber reviews the latest Fantomen issue - 2021/25-26 which features the following stories:

  • "Singhs sanna brödraskap" ("The True Singh brotherhood‎") by Andreas Eriksson and Janusz Ordon

  • "Den siste kejsaren" ("The Last Emperor‎") by Norman Worker and Carlos Cruz

  • "Djungelpatrullen på uppdrag" ("The Phantom is Everywhere‎") by Tony DePaul, Terry Beatty and Jeff Weigel (first six pages only)

  • "Flamman del 1: Hjältekomplex" ("Hero Complex") by Duncan Munro and Jeff Weigel

Last issue of the year, and wow what an issue!

Great cover by Henrik Sahlström with the Singh logo featuring the Phantom in the middle and important female characters in the small circles.

The 1000th Team Fantomen story, and you should really read up before this one, Andreas does a great job of connecting many storylines into this one and the universe feels a bit more tidy for it. Art by Janousz Ordon, I love it!

Title "The True Singh brotherhood". And it is a contemporary story mostly about a fallout faction of the brotherhood after Sandal wanted to be president. But also talks a lot about the female Jungle Patrol members.

The Team Fantomen reprint of "The Last Emperor" is great, I would have loved to see it in colors. Published by Frew in issue #984 and #1568, about when the 8th Phantom was emperor for a day and got a nice sabre from Joonkar.

Then we have a part of a Sunday story from 2017 that was cut off when it was published back in Fantomen 13 2018. Written by Tony DePaul and art by Terry Beatty & Jeff Weigel, it becomes quite short without the second part, but wonderful that we got it to Fantomen!

Finally the Duncan Munro story "Hero Complex" with art by Jeff Weigel, I guess Australians need no introduction but it is a great story about some issues Rex is having when he tries to be a fair ruler.

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