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Preservation Project - July 2020 Update

Our patreon's love the Preservation Project as it preserves Phantom history from all around the world. The depository is HUGE and it is very easy to get lost reading, listening & watching everything that has been digitised.

New this month:

  • 19 Character and poster designs from Art Director for the animated Defenders of the Earth television series, Rick Hoberg. These were originally shown in the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #154.

  • The ABC radio interview between Sammy J and Duncan Munro.

  • Jason Paulos' musical composition "Phantom" from 2018 - he may be better known as Frew cover and story artist, but he also wields a mean guitar!

  • 27 new Newspaper articles from around the world, with another new country represented in England.

  • 9 more scans from print material produced by "The Official Phantom Club of Australia" in the 1990's.

  • 10 advertisements from Scandinavia.

  • 3 videos focusing on the collection of Chris Smith, Phantom mega-phan and likely future guest on X-Band: The Phantom Podcast.

All this joins the remainder of the Major Treasure Room that is the P3 - the full Index is available here. This is starting to become a very serious collection of digitally archived The Phantom material.

The link for access to the full library is available via our Patreon page for US$5 / month supporters.


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