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New 'Ikon Collectables' Satin Wall Banner & Sold Via Sanity Music

Ikon Collectables has released a new product which is currently on pre order and due to be released in March 2021. It is a satin wall banner with a ghost like skull and the words "The Ghost Who Walks" above it.

It is a different type of product from Ikon Collectables and it will be interesting to see how it sells. Expect it will sell and take pride in many a skull cave room. Will you be getting one?

While we are at it, the heat changing mug is currently out at shops and the puzzle announced in July is due to be out at the start of December - just in time for Christmas.

Previously you could only get these items at local comic shops, pop style shops and online websites. In amazing news similar as Frew finding a new distributor with the Coles supermarket, Ikon Collectables have done the same with the shop Sanity Music now selling through their online shop and at their 150 odd bricks and mortar shops.

The Phantom cannot only survive with the comic and the odd piece of merchandise being sold at speciality stores. The Phantom needs to be front and center. Coles and Sanity Music are great starts - we need more for The Phantom to be successful for the next generation.

Go out there and buy The Phantom comic while your food shopping and grab a new mug, puzzle or wall banner when you next buy your CD or DVD.

Thank you to phan Sean Bassett and Chronicle Chamber team member Stephen East for the news and going to Sanity Music to buy Phantom merchandise from.


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