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New Egmont Fantomen Editor Announced

Scandinavian publishing giant Egmont has just announced that their new Fantomen Magazine editor is Andreas Eriksson after the news that Mikael Sol will be stepping down as editor in 2021.

As we said, it will be very big shoes to fill as Mikael Sol has done a great job. They have found the right person for the job and everyone at Chronicle Chamber is very excited about this announcement.

Andreas is no stranger to the Phantom with him being a lifelong phan of the Phantom which means he knows the Phantom. He understands what makes him special and he has probably grown up thinking what he would do if he ever was publisher.

Along with being a lifelong phan Andreas is also a publisher himself. He publishes his own comics and magazines and has even stepped into the shoes of Mikael Sol before when he was on extended leave in 2016 and briefly in 2019. Along with that, Andreas has been the editor for the successful Fantomen Year Books and Softcover Albums the last couple of years.

Mikael Sol had a double duty with Egmont as both Project Manager and Editor for Fantomen along with other Egmont titles. However Andreas will only be Editor of the Fantomen magazine, while Egmont will look for a Project Manager to work at their main office. The job vacancy is open for applicants until 7 February 2021.

To add even more credentials as the perfect candidate as the new editor for Fantomen he has written several Phantom stories. Some have been published and some are yet to be published - the most exciting one was the "Blood Rain" story (review here) - and worked as a Phantom historian on the Swedish Chapter LFMBEC "Lee Falk: Storyteller" book (review here).

If you would like to know more Andreas Eriksson we would recommend going back to 2014 and listening to X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #14 where myself and Joe talked to him. Obviously much has changed in 7 years and he has already agreed to coming on in 2021 to talk to us when the dust has settled.

We are excited about this announcement and believe Andreas will do a great job in the role. Are you as excited as us?


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