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NECA Defenders of the Earth Figurines Released February 2021

In some good news to end 2020 NECA has quietly announced that they will be releasing the first of their waves of the Defenders of the Earth range in February 2021.

The first wave will feature Flash Gordon, The Phantom & Ming The Merciless. The second wave will consist of at least Mandrake the Magician & Lothar - no word on the third character - If we had to guess it would be Garax who was the leader of Ming's mechanical soldiers, the Ice Robots.

No word if they are going to release vehicles and other accessories like they have for their other extensive ranges. It would make sense for that to wait to see if the first wave is successful which is why they have released the two main popular characters of The Phantom and Flash Gordon.

We have found two websites who are currently doing pre orders and the prices are £36.95 each which is $65AU, $50US, 415sek and 40€ each. It is expected that NECA's pre order option will be available soon but you can pre order now at the following two websites:

These figurines are more expensive than the Boss Fight Studio Phantom figurines (Purchase here) but that is to be expected with the size difference of the two sets.

It comes at the same time that Boss Fight Studio have announced that their first wave will also be available in the first quarter of 2021.

After waiting decades for a descent articulated figurine, 2021 will be our year. Will you be buying just The Phantom or will you get the whole set?

UPDATE: The website F Woosh has released a heap of preview images of the figurines from the first wave on their website.

Thanks to 2nd Childhood Toys and Collectables for the spot of this exciting news.


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