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NECA Announces January 2022 Release Date for Original Superheroes Action Figures

After their great success with the Defenders of the Earth figurines, NECA has announced January 2022 is the date for their Original Superheroes action figures including The Phantom, Flash Gordon and Ming The Merciless to be released.

The price for the DotE Phantom was $32.99 while these versions will be $37.99.

Unfortunately with a simple costume like the Phantoms there are not many possible changes between the two. The figurines are using the same base sculpt with some new tooling like the hands, a skull, gun belt and the guns. Some of the paint deco is also different like striped pants, a different shade of purple and the boots look different as well.

Here is an image of the two together. You can judge the differences yourself.

Below is a gallery of the figurines that was originally posted by Fwoosh (Click here to view the original gallery and article).

Again like their DotE figurines, the packaging is as good as the figurines with great care taken. Interestingly the scuff marks is the design which had me fooled at the start.

Will you be buying a full set including Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless or just the Phantom? Or is the DotE version enough for you?

Thanks to Ankit Mitra and Daniel St. John for their help gathering information about this exciting development.


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