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Moonstone Announce a Cover Competition for their Phantom Series

Do you know what artists Vivek Goel, Lindsay Walker, Eugenio Mattozzi and Luca Erbetta all have in common? They are cover artists who came first, second, third and fourth in the 2008 Moonstone Books cover competition. 15 years ago, this competition helped kick started their careers. Whose career will this new competition help kick start in 2024?

Moonstone Books Presents:

Cover the Seven Kings!

Cover art contest

Moonstone Books is proud to announce the impending release of the epic tale "The Seven Kings!" A noir adventure starring The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician, written by legacy Phantom scribe Mike Bullock.

This opus unfolds over the course of three limited series, before colliding in one hardcover trade paperback.

The opening tale "Phantom: Last Night" marks the first new Phantom story by Moonstone Books in over a decade!

The harrowing tale continues in "Mandrake the Magician: Seven Kings Calling" before concluding in the first crossover limited series from Moonstone featuring The Phantom, Mandrake, Lothar, Diana and a surprise guest you may not see coming! "Phantom and Mandrake: The Seven Kings"

But, what about this contest, you ask? Here’s the down & dirty details:

Artists submit one (or more) print ready, full color pieces of cover art (minus cover dress, logos, etc.) for one of the three limited series. Phantom: Last Night, Mandrake the Magician: Seven Kings Calling! or Phantom and Mandrake: The Seven Kings.

The cover submissions will be judged from the Skull Throne and the top three covers for each series will go to print. Each of the three series will have first, second and third place winners!

First Place: Main cover for the first issue

Second Place: Variant cover for the second issue

Third Place: Variant cover for the third issue.

That’s NINE winners covering issues 1-3 of the three series.

Once those winners are announced and locked in, Round Two begins which will be an artist battle royal between the nine winners of round one where the round two winners work lands the coveted cover spot for the collected edition – featuring all three stories reprinted in one hardcover trade paperback.

  1. Submissions are due by November 30, 2023.

  2. Covers will be judged by Moonstone Books.

  3. Each published artist will also receive comp copies of the published books featuring their work.

  4. Since this is a contest, no financial payment will occur for any cover art submitted regardless of winner selections.

  5. A noir feel cover would appeal due to the noir theme of the stories.

  6. Phantom cover should just feature Phantom. Mandrake should feature Mandrake AND Lothar. The crossover should feature all three (and other Phantom/Mandrake characters if the artist wants).

All submissions should be emailed to with "CONTEST" in the subject line. Feel free to email them any other questions as well.


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Thanks for subscribing!

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