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Matt Kyme & Kieran Jack Team Up With "The Wrath of The Cursed - Legacy" Kickstarter Campaign

Phans may have have noticed that there are strong themes of family and responsibility in my Phantom work. What they might not know is these themes are also an integral part of my creator owned series, 'Wrath of the Cursed'.

I am thrilled that the very talented comic creator, Kieran Jack has picked up the gauntlet and is adding his unique flair to my characters and concepts. I’d like to invite phans to check out this series and discover the world that Kieran and I have developed.

Matt Kyme, Phantom creator

I have had the honour to take the creative reins of the highly beloved series ‘The Wrath of the Cursed’ from Matt Kyme, to drive the next chapter in this series.

By having Matt’s blessing and freedom to both write and illustrate this story I have crafted an emotional story, touching on themes most of us can relate to. In which the same themes have been explored throughout the many Phantom stories over the years.

Kieran Jack, Halftone Productions

We first met Kieran Jack at Border Dimensions, a small Comic-Con event in Albury when he was creating 'Talking Bread'.

I asked if he could do an A4 artwork of The Phantom for me. Since that day, Kieran has supported the LFMBEC Phantom Dinner with donations of artwork, and I guess we have supported him by buying his comics and other artwork commissions. I, for one, particularly enjoyed his work on 'Apparition' and I look forward to reading his latest compilation through the continuation of Matt Kyme’s work on the 'Wrath of the Cursed'. I’m sure there will be many Phantom Phans out there that will enjoy Kieran’s creative efforts.

Bradley Peach, Huge Phantom Phan

Cole The Cursed Returns!

A harrowing story of a son dragged back into his father’s life, after he walked away from it 30 years ago. When a wave of blood comes crashing on his doorstep from a gang war raging across the region, Mitsuo and Cole The Cursed will form an uneasy alliance and embark on a blood-soaked track to unmask the demons of their past life.

You can support the Kickstarter campaign from as little as $10AU ($6.50USD & 6EUR). The campaign goal is $2,500AU with plenty of options for various levels, stretch goals and original art to purchase. For $300AU, you can even get yourself a cameo in the story which includes the original artwork.


Please note, while not a Phantom comic, we do like to support Phantom creators with their projects. This is

not a paid promotion & we are simply giving phans a chance to support an Australian made comic with a huge Phantom influence. Hope you support & enjoy!


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