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Kickstarter Campaign: Phantom Country and Map by Reaper's Quest

This project has been on the planning stage for a while but those at Wulfric Media / Reaper's Quest have given us an opening date of the Kickstarter campaign. The open date for the campaign is Wednesday 2 November and the end date Friday 2 December.

The quick facts are:

  • $90,000au is the goal for this to go ahead

  • There are 6 pledge levels ranging from $20 for an unpainted miniature to $1,100 for all ten miniature's painted and personally signed by Glenn Ford.

  • The total map will be 45cm x 75 cm

  • The map will be split into 15cm x 15cm tiles (like a jigsaw)

  • The ten prominent landmarks are Phantom Peak, The Skull Cave, Misty Mountains, Witchman’s Peak, Isle of Eden, Keela-Wee, Whispering Grove, the Eastern Dark, Nyahpura (Emperor Joonkar's palace) and the Jungle Patrol Headquarters

  • The miniatures will then slip into groves onto the tiles

For Those Who Have Come In Late who have never been involved in a Kickstarter before, you pledge money and you get charged at the end of the campaign if it successfully reaches it goal (in this case $90,000AU). The brilliant factor behind this is IF it doesn't reach the total - you do not get charged.

There have been three previous Phantom Kickstarter campaigns which all meet the target.

For those who live outside Australia, items will be available for all phans who live overseas with the only extra being international shipping. For example if you purchase the $65AU pledge which gives you one unpainted miniatures with the paint kit that will cost you 450 sek/nok and 40 euros/US (as off 29th October - subject to change with global fluctuations).

We will have Kelby on the podcast again to talk about the campaign in more details - if you have any questions, send them through and we will endeavor to ask them during the podcast.

Will you pledge? and if so, what level?


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Thanks for subscribing!

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