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New Phantom Rings from Wulfric Media

Wulfric Media have just announced the release of a prestige collection of Phantom jewellery.

In the set are two variations of a Skull Mark and a Good Mark ring, as well as a unique pair of Jungle Patrol dog tags.

The pieces are designed by John Evans, a bespoke jeweller with over 30 years experience, and produced by his Gold Coast business ParaMount Jewellers..

Some phans might feel the line is reminiscent of Bradford Country's Phantom range from the early 2010's. They are certainly eye-catching, and the personalisation available (ring sizes and dog tag engraving) will appeal to many.

Right now, Wulfric are asking for a presales commitment. At this stage buyers need to send an email registering interest and committing to an order. Only once 70 commitments have been received will you be asked for the money. After all money is received, Wulfirc will be able to start production.

Once initial orders are filled, Wulfic will be in a position to take orders on demand. As the items are locally produced in Australia, delivery will be 7-10 days for these secondary orders.

Why 70 commitments? Covering costs for the King Features licensing fees. Pre-approval has been granted, with their sighting of the final models the final hurdle. These models will be produced and submitted to KFS in the next week, with Wulfric promising a video of the prototypes.

Future plans once this line is underway include a woman’s line with rings and pendants as well.

To help meet licensing requirements and get this project happening for all phans, visit their Facebook page and email Wulfric to be sent an order form and ring sizing guide.

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