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Hermes Press Releasing Mandrake the Magician Reprint HC Collection

While not strictly Phantom, Hermes Press has recently announced that they will be also starting a collection of the Mandrake the Magician hardcover daily adventures. It will be in the same vein as their other works with The Phantom, Johnny Hazard and many others. This is Hermes Press sweet spot and they do an amazing job.

Keen fans will know Titan has done something recently since 2016 but they used scans from newspaper clippings.

Sabrina Herman has informed eager fans that they will be using press proofs which is the stuff that was used as the step in between original art and what you saw in newspapers. What that means is the quality will be better.

Titan also did their Sunday reprints in black and white. We assume Hermes will be printing theirs in colour.

The first volume will consist of the following stories.

  • “The Cobra” (June 11, 1934 – Nov 24 1934)

  • “The Hawk (Mandrake Meets Narda)” (Nov 26, 1934 – Feb 23, 1935)

  • “The Monster of Tanov Pass” (Feb 25, 1935 – June 15 1935)

  • “Saki, the Clay Camel” (June 17, 1935 – Nov 2 1935)

  • “The Werewolf” (Nov 4 1935 – Feb 1936)

Are their many Phantom phans who will also buy these?


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