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Happy Birthday to us!

First created by Joe Douglas back in 2006. We are now sweet 16! Beauty about CC is that it is a collective of phans. Not one but several over the years.

A huge thanks to the following who have all written, recorded and done things for Chronicle Chamber over the years:

Joe, Jermayn, Dan, Stephen, Paul, Andreas, Mikael, Ankit, Swaroop, Ivan, Ulf, Matt, Sean, Jon, Sal, Ohm, Seuj, Robert, Roy, Simon, Kristian, Kevin, Jason, Howard, Glaucio, Ed, Pete, Duncan, Christian, Bernd, Anthony and many others.

On our birthday, it was great to read the comments from phellow phans. Its nice to know that what we do is appreciated - thank you.

The phans that wished us a happy birthday are in a draw for a Phantom club t-shirt created by Scott Loxely and we have a few sets of stickers, badges and pins for a consolation prize.


Recent Phantom Happenings

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