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Gold Gilded Perth Mint Coins Available

It must be said up front that while the 2022 version coins are licenced by King Features, these gold gilded coins done by Gilded Silver Coins (GSC) while come with a certificate of authenticity are not. GSC is from the UK and they have made a successful business model of gilding many world wide released coins. While not licenced we wanted to inform phans of this coin as we believe it will interest some.

For Those Who Came In Late, Perth Mint has released a 2022 and 2023 version coin - we have reviewed and compared the two in a video review which can be found here.

One of the review points was that the Phantom logo did not stand out well on the coloured or plain silver coin design. Expertly, GSC has done well to ensure the logo does not hide or merge with the Phantom design. I think they have done a better job on this than Perth Mint.

The cost is £88 + postage ($165AU, $110US, €100, 9000 INR & 1150 kr/nok).

This coin has been described by GSC as adorned with a beautiful layer of 24k pure Gold enhancing it far above the normal bullion version, in not only beauty but elegant style. It comes in stunning Packaging with COA Authentication. One troy ounce of 999.9% pure 24K Gilded Silver & limited mintage only 100 pieces worldwide.


Thank you to Terry Krahe for the heads up on this Phantom news of the release of the gilded silver coin. If you find any Phantom related news that we miss, please let us know. We would love to credit & reward all new Phantom related news with a Chronicle Chamber gift.


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