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Fantomet’s Nærradio 1984 Cassette Crowdfund CD Campaign

Back in 1984, the Fantomet magazine in issue 19 released a complementary floppy single. It led to a 1984 cassette titled Nærradio sold for the Fantomet club is a mix of songs, containing 13 tracks, 3 of them feature the Phantom and then there is some fake commercials, news and talk between the songs to make it feel like a radio station in the deep woods.

The three Phantom themes songs are:

  • The Theme of the Phantom”

  • The Boss”

  • The Spirit That Walks”

Almost 40 years later with the cassette only in the memory of die hard Phantom phans and the odd nostalgia moment browsing YouTube (player below). That is all about to change.

Listed now on the crowdfund website you can now get your own copy on a CD. It is worth mentioning that the option for shipping outside the Scandinavian is not available for the crowdfund. (Instructions on how to crowdfund is below)

However if it is successful, it will be on sale on the Norske Album Klassikere website and then it will be available for shipping overseas.

Will you be funding it or hope to wait for it to be sold on the website and buy that way? Instructions of

Thanks to Kristian Hellesund for his insight and the above instructions image and phans Mikael Lyck and Håkon Dåffen Sandvold for their help also in the writing of the article.


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