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Fantomet (Norway) 2022 Christmas Album Details & Cover Announced

Hidden away on the Egmont Kids website we have found details of the Norwegian 2022 Christmas Album which has been released.

EDIT: Thanks to Egmont Fantomet editor Hege Høiby they have sent us the cover for this year's annual which is below. It keeps the 2021 landscape design which was popular among many phans.

  • The Golden Sands of Keela-Wee” by Lee Falk and Sy Barry

  • The Imaginary Playmate” by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

  • The Llongo Forest” by Tony DePaul and Mike Manley

The cover is first seen here but we have no release date as of yet and there is also no official word if these stories will be printed in colour. However if we had to guess, we suggest the stories will be in colour as they were in 2021.

Eagle eyed phans will know that re-coloured versions exist and have been posted Ivan Pederson's Phantom News Facebook page previously. Ivan has done great colouring for both Fantomet and Frew before.

The Llongo Forest” will be a new never before published story for the Fantomet readers. If all stories are published in colour as we expect, it will be the first time “The Imaginary Playmate” would be printed in colour in Norway. It was first published in Fantomet 6/1968 and later in the book series “Fantomets krønike” and “Fantomet kronologisk” all in black and white.

The Golden Sands of Keela-Wee” has not been published for 20+ years and the third time published in Fantomet comic books. The first time was in Fantomet #22/1971 and lastly in colour in Fantomet #10/2001.

From what we understand the 2021 album was successful with sales hence why we are getting another for 2022. Did you buy a copy of the 2021 Christmas album and will you be buying the 2022 album?

Thanks to Egmont Fantomet editor Hege Høiby for a copy of the cover and Ivan Pederson for the scans from his Facebook page.


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