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Fantomet Christmas Album 2021

Thanks to Norwegian phan Kristian Hellesund we now see the cover and contents for the Fantomet Christmas Album for 2021.

This is exciting news as apart from the ongoing Fantomet Knronologisk albums this is the first new issue coming out from Norway in two years. This Christmas album was originally promised back in October 2020.

The two stories will be in colour including the classic Lee Falk and Sy Barry Drummer of Timpenni Daily story and the second will be The Spy Ship by Tony DePaul and Jeff Weigel.

You can pre order the book here at for a price of 89nok ($15AU, $10US, €9 & 90sek).

Hopefully this will see many Fantomet readers (and other phans from around the world) buy this issue and give the editors at Egmont that Norway needs a regular (or semi regular) comic again. Will you be buying a copy?


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